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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are your growers experienced?
    Yes! Very! We’ve selected experienced, knowledgeable, disciplined master growers who have years of cultivation experience. They are experts in genetics, cultivation, and harvesting.
    What is a master grower?
    Master growers are experts in horticulture, agriculture, and/or plant physiology. Some master growers hold degrees in plant science fields or have decades of professional experience managing greenhouses, nurseries, or outdoor grow operations. They are experts in plant breeding, disease remediation, ecosystem management, supporting the facility’s production schedule, harvesting, curing, and more. Many master growers have certifications that meet product safety standards and other specifications.
    How do you control the indoor environment?
    Cannabis cultivation requires a proper balance of humidity, temperature, air flow, watering schedule and more. We have state-of-the-art HVAC systems to control this delicate balance.
    How well do you know your cannabis strains?
    Each season we carefully select top-shelf strain genetics known for their desirable effects, impressive cannabinoid and flavonoid profiles, and ideal terpene makeup. Our growers, who have decades of experience in cannabis cultivation (and who are cannabis enthusiasts themselves) know and understand these strains on an expert level.
    What kind of water do you use?
    We utilize automated irrigation and filtration systems to ensure our water is as pure as possible. We utilize automated irrigation systems and filtration systems to reduce the waste of water and ensure our plants are being grown with clean, pure water.
    Are your processes focused on sustainability?
    Absolutely. We are very aware that the agricultural industry has a huge and often detrimental impact on the environment, and cannabis cultivation is no exception. We’ve implemented specific measures across our facility to cut down on energy and water consumption, waste, and pollution.
    Do you have facilities outside of Michigan?
    Right now, we are only operating out of Michigan.
    Do you sell direct to consumer?
    No, we partner with Michigan dispensaries to get our flower into the hands of cannabis enthusiasts and patients.