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Growing Better All The Time

At the heart of every great business is intention. Learn how our focus on great business practices translates to superior flower.

The key to premium craft flower starts with expert cultivation.

We’ve thought through every detail and challenge to build a state-of-the-art facility with the ideal conditions to grow premium cannabis.

When you choose a brand to partner with, it all comes down to the details.

Lansing, the capitoAl of Michigan…cannabis.

We’re proud to be located in the capital of the great state of Michigan, a quickly growing hub for cannabis cultivation. With so many options, it may be challenging to determine the best source to partner with. Let us show you why Greensmith Cultivation is the best wholesale flower supplier for your dispensary.

The 5 G’s of Greensmith Cultivation

We use half the energy of other indoor grows and a third of the water – and that’s just the beginning. We are financially committed to operating practices which provide peak efficiency with minimal environmental impact.
Our business relies on our local community to thrive, and the great people of Michigan depend on our premium cannabis to reach their wellness goals. We give back to our community not only because it’s the right thing to do but because we care about the people who make our community great.
We focus on local but aren’t limited to small thinking. We carry an openness and curiosity to continued learning. We acknowledge the cultural significance of cannabis worldwide. And we strive to be a diverse and equitable business from the inside out.
We believe our abilities and unique perspectives are the starting point in our journey as cultivators. Through an openness to learn, dedication, resilience, and passion, we can master our craft, accomplish our goals, and influence the world around us.
Our business can’t succeed without our talented employees. We create a safe and respectful environment within the walls of our business and won’t tolerate anything less. We offer great pay above a livable wage, trust our employees in their expertise, and support their goals to grow in their careers.

Ready to experience the difference?

We want to work with you to provide top-shelf cannabis to your dispensary customers.